A ballplayer’s response to Orlando

St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Mitch Harris, a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy who delayed his professional baseball career five years while serving his commitment to the Navy, on Monday tweeted this response to the mass shootings in Orlando on Sunday. 

Here’s the link to Mitch’s tweet. If you share his sentiments, I would ask you share this as far and wide as you can.  https://t.co/zRu9IKNVAe


It’s hard for me to be silent during this time in our lives. I believe the tensions we are seeing between religions, races, sexualities and other groups are at some of the highest in history. It hurts me to know that there’s so much hate and discord amongst so many people. Even during the recent shootings, I’m seeing discussions of “attack on U.S. vs. LGBT,” “Islam vs. Christianity,” “gun control” and many others. Pls understand the root of these issues is the hate of others simply because of ones belief in something. I fought for my country bc I love all [that] we have, the right to be who we are, stand for what we believe, and do so amongst each other! This is not the case around the world! We need to start here in the U.S. by showing understanding, compassion, and love to others no matter their stance.

I don’t care what race you are, what religion you believe, what sexuality you associate with…even though I may disagree with an idea or belief of yours, I still care for you and love you as I would any other human. The God I believe in showed us this example and I just want to hopefully show this more. 1Cor 13


Don’t let the recent events scare you or discourage you, this is playing right in to what is wanted. Stand tall…have a voice for victims…continue to have your stance in your belief…but above all else, LOVE one another!


“It takes courage to face the mountain and strength to climb but when you reach the summit and see the valley you realize who’ve you become.’’




Mitch Harris

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